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Thought of the day is on patience.

Be Patient – yoga is a practice. It can transform your life over time. The more we allow ourselves to be where we are, and to fully embrace our thoughts, emotions and bodies in the present moment, the more our yoga practice will transform our lives.

It can be hard, especially if you are new to Yoga, to understand the transformative power Yoga can have on your life. Many people come to Yoga to get stronger, or the become more flexible, or to lower stress… and after a couple years of practice realize that Yoga has just done that — and so much more. Yoga can open ourselves up to viewing life from a new perspective, to living with more awareness and intention, to allowing us to fully embrace anything life bring to us.

I know from teaching for the last 10-years and from teaching in our teacher training programs that Yoga changes lives. This is why I opened Keene Yoga Center, because we believe that “More People Doing Yoga = A Better World”. If you give it some time and practice yoga regularly it will make your world better. I promise you!

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