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Here is some information for women to help integrate Yoga into their life.

Menstruation – Many women say that it is best not to practice inversions (headstand, shoulderstand) while menstruating. As always, if you feel any discomfort or simply want to, feel free to do a variation during this time. You may wish to substitute a less extreme inversion – such as downward dog or dolphin pose – or you may wish to do no inversions at all during this time. The choice is yours, and is always correct.

Pregnancy – It is okay to practice when you are pregnant, but there are several poses that you should absolutely not do. Please tell your teacher before class if you are pregnant. In general avoid deep twists, any belly down poses, and forceful abdominal breathing. Be mindful of the extra elasticity in your body and don’t push yourself too far, as doing so can cause strain. An example of this would be to concentrate more on a strong, grounded foundation and open chest in warrior poses — versus seeking deep engagement from the hips. 

We hopes this helps – please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We want your Yoga practice to be a safe & confident space!

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