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Just a note about yoga studio etiquette.

  • To insure that we all have an enjoyable experience at KYC, please keep voices low.

  • Please sign into class at the front desk before class.

  • Observe silence in common areas while classes are in session.

  • Please turn your cell phone off while classes are in session.

  • Remove your shoes in the entryway and store in any number of our available cubbies.

  • Please wipe down your borrowed mat after use.

  • If your mat is wet, please bring the mat to one of our desk team members to hang for drying.

  • If you have any issues at KYC, please notify our desk team promptly for assistance.

We are always happy to assist, and strive for all of our members to have a great experience. Please feel free to stop by the front desk with any other questions!

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