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Hi Everyone.

Funny as I write this. I wanted to start out saying I have mixed emotions about what I am going to share with you, as if it were some big emotional thing. While I recognize that it is not, I do want to communicate that it was a decision that has been made with care and intention, as are all the decision we make at KYC.

We are now charging $2 to rent mats at Keene Yoga Center. We used to offer this service for free, and have decided to start charging for this service.

There are two main reasons for this change:

  1. Mats take a lot more time and energy to keep clean than we originally thought and it is only fair to have an exchange for this energy.
  2. Many people have been borrowing mats regularly instead of bringing their own. It was not our intention to provide mats for people on a regular basis, but rather to provide them for people who do not have a mat or who may be from out of town.

We do have some great mats for sale, and I do hope that this will encourage some people to get their own mat. Having your own mat allows you to build some energy into the mat. The energy builds each time you practice on it and you can actually progress more quickly when you are more in touch with the energy of your mat. There is a comfort of stepping onto your own mat, your own sacred space, knowing that it is there just for your personal growth in yoga and in life.

As for the mats that we rent, we have purchased brand new top of the line mats from Manduka and the are exceptional. I hope you enjoy them. You may want to rent one just to try them out to see the difference from your current mat. Really, just picking one up, you can feel the difference.

Please share any thoughts you may have about this.

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