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October 24

Join us as we welcome, Don Humberto Soncco Quispe to Keene Yoga Center for this sacred and rare opportunity to sit with Peruvian, Q’ero Grandfather for ceremonies and blessings.

October 24- Despacho Ceremony & Karpay Blessings

(Early Bird: $150 before October 15)
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Despacho Ceremony: 

A despacho ceremony is an interactive ceremony where all involved build together (unity consciousness) a living mondala using items gathered from our local environment to offer our prayers and intentions to Spirit. These offerings are put together in a way that energetically weave the three worlds of existence, The (Hanok Pacha) upper world, The middle world (Kay Pacha) and the lower world (the Uku Pacha) together by balancing the Devine Feminine and the Devine Masculine. This balance is the alchemy that ties the three world together and brings our intentions to the elemental beings that govern the intricate balance that exists between all beings so they can assists us in rightly relating ourselves to the world around us.

An infinite amount of intentions can be offered in this way to the universe but one of the most major ones that impact all of our lives addressed often by the Q’ero is about reciprocity, they call it Ayni. Ayni is our interaction with any energetic exchange, not only for services rendered but in the relationship of all things where this energetic exchange occurs. Often that exchange is reflected monetarily but the Spirit of exchange is what the ceremonial offering is charged with. The end result of such an offering is a more balanced relationship with our interaction with the given intention.

Karpay Transmissions:

A karpay transmission is where a Paco (an Incan Priest) intercedes on our behalf by envoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are to the luminous beings we are all becoming. By planting an intentional Luminous seed that literally infuses itself to our DNA, this seed, once given to us by them and fed by us, will grow in our energetic fields and is there to assist us in that transformational process. According to many of the indigenous cultures around the globe that have held their prophecies safe for this time, the Q’ero, the Hopi, the Mayan, the Tibetan, the Maori and many more, all of mankind is in the process of shifting in this way. The Q’ero Karpay assists us by expediting this process exponentially. All who receive the gift of their transmissions are instantly initiated Pacos of this ancient lineage and become themselves ambassadors to the world on its behalf.

Private Healing Sessions:

Don Humberto will be doing private healing sessions in Putney starting on Monday the 26th and going for as many days as the area will support before we need to move to the next location.  People can text Steve directly at 516-769-5137 to schedule time for individual healing sessions with Don Humberto. 

A Message from the organizer, Steve Anderson:

Hello Family,

As you may or not know, I have been blessed for the past five years to be working directly with Don Humberto Soncco Quispe, Grandfather Kuraq Allkueq of the Qʼero nation and his family. My work with the First peoples inthe Northwest, Midwest and East Coast of the US has opened doors to travel into South America where the Q’ero have been sharing many of their teachings of their ancient lineage with me. They have passed transmissions through ceremonies that have changed my life forever. This society has always been honored and recognized as keepers of vital parts of the Andean Cosmology. The Q’ero people are one of the direct lineages of the high priests of the Incan Empire. Their culture was uninterrupted by the conquistadors as the Spaniards saw no value in these humble people as they had no gold and thusly left them alone. The simple but deeply effective medicine and nature of this indigenous society is extremely effective and restorative, balancing not only from within but outwardly in our relating to the natural world around us.

It is my pleasure to offer you the opportunity to work directly with one of the few remaining elders fully trained in the ways and teachings of this ancient culture. In addition to bringing people down to Peru to hold ceremony with them at many remote temples to engage and experience the gifts of this ancient society in person upon the land of their ancestors, I am also bringing the elder Don Humberto to Keene Yoga Center October 24th. For the benefit of those who can’t afford to take the time or have the resources available to go to Peru, offering a unique opportunity for you, my friends and family to receive these blessings from them as well. We will be holding Karpay Ceremony and Despacho blessings.

On Saturday, October 24th, we will gather in the morning to offer an opportunity to buy Q’ero ceremonial textiles, give a brief explanation of who the Q’ero are and to give a more detail explanation of what a despacho ceremony is and how it will help our lives. After we will begin to build an Ayni Despacho with him. This will take us into the afternoon where we will receive Karpay transmissions. After we’re done with that there will be opportunity to by textiles & meet Don Humberto so he can bless your sacred items, say thank you and offer any gifts you may feel drawn to give him to bring home with him. In indigenous cultures this is a practice that accompanies most ceremonies as a protocol. Please keep in mind there will be many people who want to do the same thing.Understand that he is an elder and he will need rest at that point so please be brief. I will be there to answer some questions but I need to insure that his need for rest is respected. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

This is a very rare opportunity. It is a sacred event that few people will ever get the chance to share with him. Please be aware that we will be in sacred space and do your part to maintain the bubble we will be creating. Please bring your food needs with you or plan to get something downtown but wait for the designated times between these two processes to have your meal. Thank you.

You will want to be gentle with yourselves for the remainder of the evening. This is a journey that connects us deeply into our lineages and has a profound effect on our lives. You may want to schedule a day off for the following day to sit with and reflect as the effects are internalized. Slowly allowing the integration of this transmission to find it place in your awareness.

Their work and teachings come many different forms that would take a lifetime immersed in their culture to even begin to realize how deeply this culture resonates with the natural world but the two primary ways they share too pen that door in our minds and hearts are as such.

When we open ourselves to engage with them in this way it helps us shift our perspective to be better equipped to move into the new paradigm in front of us all today. The Q’ero “medicine” is intentional. The transmissions you will receive from them that are much like a reiki attunement. It’s an amazing process, the energetic intensity needs and deserves your focus with all the clarity you can offer it to maximize your results. You will actually become a an ambassador for the Q’ero to the world around you going home with tools to use in your lives and to help people in the of periphery them.

Understand that the above information presented is an intentional agendas and as Don Humberto operates in accordance to the unfolding energy bodies of any particular group this itinerary is subject to change accordingly, I have found his intuition has always been spot on and it has made each adventure a custom tailored gem to be cherished. Thanks for your understanding, consideration and cooperation in this should you choose to join us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and contemplate its content. I look forward to meeting you.

-Steve Anderson

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