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There are many benefits to a yoga practice, whether you practice solo or in the community setting of a studio, but there is something truly special that happens when you begin to practice yoga with others. You benefit from the experience and energy of the practitioners around you, and the studio space comes alive as a community hub and point of connection. If you tend to go to the same classes regularly, you will notice familiar faces as well as new people, and the community this creates can enrich not only your yoga practice but also your life on a larger scale. Yoga community is nourishing, and helps to build accountability in your practice. Showing up becomes easier when you are not only showing up for yourself, but also with others. Yoga is a practice in caring for and connecting with oneself, and this practice is enhanced when space and energy can be shared.

The studio’s energy also plays an important role in the establishment of a yoga studio as a space for community. There is a magnetic pull to a space that is welcoming and reliable, full of comforts like hot tea and soft light and warm, smooth floors. It becomes a place that people want to gather, not only because of interest in a specific class or workshop, but because it feels good to be there, and it provides a place where people can find their center. The yoga practice that emerges in such a space is enriching and soothing in a world where those things are so often needed. 

Keene Yoga Center’s mission is that “more people doing yoga = a better world,” and this is reflected in the numerous resources and broad access that KYC provides. With a downtown location, classes for many different experience and ability levels, and a variety of membership opportunities and special $5 community class options, KYC makes it possible for many people in Keene and the surrounding area to make yoga a part of their life.

Written by Grace Martin

Grace Martin is a library assistant and aspiring writer who loves food, fiber arts, and reading any book she can get her hands on. She was drawn to yoga in early 2017, and enjoys incorporating aspects of meditation and ritual into her practice. She has lived in Keene for the past two years.

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