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Here are some simple tips to have a great yoga class:

  • Dress – comfortably to allow for movement.

  • Cell Phone – turn if off during class.

  • Avoid eating –2 to 3 hours before class.

  • Hydrate – drink water throughout the day and you will be ready for yoga. Some people drink during class, which is fine.

  • Bathroom – try to go before class, otherwise

  •  sneak away and return quietly.

  • Leaving Early – if needed, tell the teaching at the beginning of class and try to be in the back so you can sneak out quietly. Take 5-minutes relaxation laying on your back before going if possible.

  • Arriving Late – join quietly. Some yoga is better than none, right? Not the best on a regular basis as it disrupts the yoga of others in the class.

  • Mats, blankets etc.– it is best to get what you need at the beginning of class and return them at the end of class. It is nice to have your own mat for cleanliness and for home-practice.

  • Practice Barefoot – to stretch your feet and

  •  toes, for improved balance, and for increased stability on the mat. (It is fine to practice with socks on, but bare-feet are ideal)

I hope this helps answer some questions that may have come up for you or a friend.


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