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Yoga in Swanzey

Keene Yoga Center partners with the Town of Swanzey

to offer yoga in Swanzey at Whitcomb Hall, West Swanzey

Yoga in Swanzey

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00pm
Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm

At Whitcomb Hall 17 Main Street, West Swanzey, NH

We are excited to expand into Swanzey. The same great yoga, closer to where you work & live.

These classes are run by Keene Yoga Center in partnership with the town of Swanzey. If you already come to Keene Yoga Center, you can use your same membership. If you are new to Keene Yoga Center, you can sign up with the special Swanzey 16-week Session for just $160. If you join mid-session, we can pro-rate your price.

Online Registration

Swanzey Special

$160 for the 16-class Session
(Valid from Jan 23-May 8)

16 Classes January 23-May 8
+ Online Classes
+ Private Facebook Group
Any missed or cancelled classes
can be made up at Keene Yoga
Center in Keene.

Pro-Rated Pricing
Since we are mid-session, we will pro-rate your price so you just pay for upcoming classes. You can just come to class and we will work it out then. Or you can call the studio at  (603) 782-0846.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! These classes are great for people new to yoga. In fact, you will probably be surprised at how many other people in the class are new to yoga as well.

Yes. Anyone is welcome to attend this class.

Yes. The Keene Yoga Center membership will work in Swanzey!

If you miss a class, or if a class is cancelled due to weather, you can make it up by taking any class at Keene Yoga Center in Keene. Just check in at the desk and you will already be in the system and will not have to pay anything for the class.

You can drop in. The rate is $18/class.

We encourage everyone sign up for the entire session so you can pay just $10/class.

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