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I started writing a little these days and I was inspired to share a little about the 200-hour yoga teacher training that we have been offering in Keene, NH for the past 8 year.

Wow, has it been 8 years! That is a long time. We must be getting pretty good at it. Actually it is much more that the ones we offer in Keene, I have organized nearly 100 yoga teacher training programs around the world over the past 10 years. So yeah, I think we are getting good at it. If you want a program with a lot of experience, this is at the top of the list. There are very few schools out there that have the experience running trainings that we have.

But that is kind of beside the point. What I wanted to share about was why I keep doing this work and how it is meaningful to me. Simply put: it is rewarding to create a space for transformation and seeing how much people grow and get from the program keeps me going. Check out what Kate had to say about her experience:

I mean, hearing her share that she has developed a new relationship with herself and the program has changed the course of her life, that is what keeps me going. That is the fuel that keeps the evolution and growth of these training moving forward.

Next I wanted to share about Amy, who shared with me that the training has helped her find peace within. Watching Amy transform over the 8-months was just magical. And now she is teaching yoga at Keene Yoga Center less than a year after starting! I mean, if you could help someone find peace within themselves and feel connected to a community of people who support them in life and yoga, wouldn’t that keep you going.

And lastly I will share about Justin. He shared with me that yoga helped him get in touch with his spiritual side and that he now understands yoga as more than just a physical practice and that it is a spiritual practice. I still see Justin around town and he continues to grow in his yoga and his life. He is offering several yoga classes and workshops and has made other changes to his work situation to improve the quality of his life and his connection with spirit.

So, this ended up being quite different than I was expecting, but it is true. It is the people in the program that keeps me going.

The cycle is kind of like this.

1- We promote the training.
2- People come the the training.
3- The training does its magic and people grow and transform and blossom.
4- We see people grow and transform and blossom and get inspired to promote the training for the next year.

And the cycle repeats itself, growing and transforming us along the way. Oh, did I forget to mention that it is also quite a joy and pleasure and opportunity for transformation as the facilitator of a yoga teacher training course. I am forever grateful for the growth opportunity that the trainings have provided me along the way.

So, thank you, to all out hundreds of graduates who continue to support and inspire us. In a way, your participation gives the gift of opportunity to the next group to take the training.

Our next training start the first weekend of November. I hope to see your there.

If you are not familiar with us, we are Sadhana Yoga School, an internationally recognized yoga school offering Yoga Alliance registered 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. If you want to be a yoga teacher and make change in your life and in the world, then you are in the right place.

Every program will change your life and prepare you to teach yoga and certify you to teach internationally.

-Bryan Russell

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