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Yoga Teacher Training

The thought of doing a Yoga Teacher Training can be both exciting, and scary. I just wanted to make sure you know a couple things before you either dive in, or run away from the opportunity.

1- Anyone can do a Yoga Teacher Training.
You do not need to be an advanced yogi to take a training. In fact, we often have some very new beginners who are eager to dive right in and learn about what yoga really is. We also have people who have been practicing for 20-years who are ready to take their yoga to the next level both in their physical practice, but mostly in the yogic philosophy aspect of the course.

2- Yoga Teacher Training is more than just about learning how to teach yoga.
It is also about learning to be a yogi and developing your own practice. Throughout the course and your own practice you will see things in new ways and new opportunities will open up in your life. If you are looking to improve your life, a training is a great space to allow this change to unfold.

There are 3 amazing local Yoga Teacher Training Programs coming up that I wanted to share with you:

Quad Mod Training at Bethel Farm (Starts May 11)
We are excited to offer this 4-module training out in Hillsborough at Bethel Farm. We will meet 4 times throughout the year for 5-days at a time.
May 11-15 2016, Aug 10-14 2016, Nov 9-13 2016, Feb 10-14 2017
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24-Day Immersion Training at Bethel Farm (Starts July 9)
The immersions are very popular way to earn your yoga certification and to make great change in your life. Live like a yogi for 24-days in the most amazing group of people you will ever meet.
July 9 – August 1, 2016
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8-Month Training at KYC Nov-June (Starts November 5)
Now in our 8th year, this program runs from November-June. We meet one weekend a month and then have a 5-day yoga retreat in June. Registration is already open for this program and now is a great time to get accepted into the program and to make sure you will have a space in the training.
November 5-6, December 3-4, January 7-8, February 4-5, March 4-5, April 1-2, May 6-7, June 24-28
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