Yoga For Beginners

Our Beginner’s Program is designed to help you start yoga.

Learn more about what to expect when you attend your first class, what different props around the studio are used for, and how to be a great fellow student!

Styles of Yoga – Choosing a Class

There are many styles of Yoga out there — learn more about them, and get some information on choosing the best class for you.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga makes you feel great! But why? Learn more about the benefits of Yoga in this video.

The top 5 reasons people practice yoga are:

  1. Flexibility
  2. General Fitness & Conditioning
  3. Lower Stress Reduction
  4. Improve Overall Health
  5. Physical Fitness

Alignment Principles

Proper alignment is key to a safe, progressive Yoga practice — learn more about the basic principles, here.


Breath is crucial to your Yoga practice — it can even be a practice all on its own. Learn about breath’s role in Yoga.