Rent Space at KYC

Keene Yoga Center is now run as a co-op of teachers. If you would like to teach at KYC, you can rent space and run your own classes. Read the details below.

After you rent space, you will be able to post your classes on the KeeneYogaCenter website. Note, that Step 1 & Step 2 require two different accounts on different website, so you may need to create another account (feel free to use the same login info).

Thanks for your support of the yoga community in the Monadnock Region.

Weekly Class Rental Rates ($35)

  • 60-minute class
  • 75 minute class
  • 90 minute class

Workshop Rental Rates 

  • $60 for up to 2 hour workshop
  • $100 for up to 4-hour workshop
  • $180 for up to 8-hour workshop

Teachers will be Solely Responsible for 

  • Collecting money from your students for your classes
    • There will be no debit/credit card/ or money accepted by KYC
  • Communicating to your students
    • There will be no email, phone, or voice mail services offered by KYC
  • Checking students into your class
    • There will be no desk staff
  • Cleaning the space after your class
    • Including vacuuming, wiping down bathrooms and sinks and emptying trash
  • Ensuring all studio and government regulations are followed.
    • As the regulations pertain to Covid-19 State and Federal Guidelines you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of all students by signing a contract in which you agree to follow guidelines

To reserve your class times, visit You can book your class times now. Please note that KYC is still running some classes and will pay those teachers until August 31. Starting September 1, KYC will not be offering any classes, and it will be up to you, the teachers to set your schedule and continue to offer yoga to the community.

This is a 100% fully automated process that is still in development. You can book the space starting today, and in the coming week, we will have the site ready for you to list your classes to show to the public. Your students will be able to reserve a space online (but not pay) and when all space are filled it will not allow others to sign up

All of this info will automatically update on the webpage and people will be able to search and see your classes and information on the website.

You will sign a contract as an Independent Contractor with KYC that states:

  • You are solely responsible for all people while in the building
  • All students payments will be collected by you in person, or by setting up your own online payment option for your students
  • You are responsible for your advertising and staying connected with your students
  • You will have access only to the grand room, there will be no access to the downstairs area of the studio